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Mrs Pickering wrote: Weekly update
It's been a very busy few weeks and every time I've sat down to do this blog I seem to have got sidetracked as we have been doing so many exciting things. Hopefully the children have been talking to you about what we have been up to. Last week we (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Diwali dance
Today we had a visit from a dancer called Andrew. He told the children the Diwali story and then we used dance moves to retell the story. We learnt some traditional Indian hasta dance moves, I wonder if they are able to share any with you. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Weekly update
A wonderful first week of our new half term. We have begun learning about Diwali as well as discussing bonfire and firework safety, the children had lots of wonderful ideas and i am enjoying reading your comments on our firework blog. In maths we ha (More)