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llucas wrote: Certificates
Lots of certificates have been handed out recently because the children are working so hard! Well done to Neve, Enzo, Caitlin, Taylor B and Archie for getting the good work certificates this week! Also well done to Jacob, Ella, Makafui, Oliver (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Weekly update
The lions and tigers have been really busy this week, they are practicing hard for the nativity. Please help them practice their lines, we are trying to remember our lines and say them loudly. We have been measuring this week, ordering objects by (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Good work certificates
Congratulations to Riley, Archie, Kaleb, Alfie, Joe, Ashlie and Leonie for your good work certificates. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Weekly update
We have had a lovely week this week, Tuesday we were pleased to welcome so many mums and dads into the classroom to see our big writing day work. On Wednesday the fire fighters visited us from Worksop fire station, Red Watch talked to the children ab (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Weekly update
It's been a very busy few weeks and every time I've sat down to do this blog I seem to have got sidetracked as we have been doing so many exciting things. Hopefully the children have been talking to you about what we have been up to. Last week we (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Good work certificates
Well done to these children who took their good work certificates into assembly I bet your parents will be pleased Zara, Freya, Oliver, Brooke, Esmee, Taylor C and April (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Diwali dance
Today we had a visit from a dancer called Andrew. He told the children the Diwali story and then we used dance moves to retell the story. We learnt some traditional Indian hasta dance moves, I wonder if they are able to share any with you. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Weekly update
A wonderful first week of our new half term. We have begun learning about Diwali as well as discussing bonfire and firework safety, the children had lots of wonderful ideas and i am enjoying reading your comments on our firework blog. In maths we ha (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Good work assembly
¬†   Well done to Makafui, Bobby, Finley R, Finley C, Ella, Georgia, Riley H and Sambor you took your good work certificates into assembly today. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Bonfire Night
We have been thinking about Bonfire and Firework safety. What can you remember? How can you keep yourself safe at Bonfire night? 5 team points for every comment.   Remember all comments have to be approved before they are visible¬†on the bl (More)