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Mrs Pickering wrote: Superheroes and Princesses
We are really setting into school well now. On Tuesday we had our first assembly with Mr White, he was really impressed with the children's sitting, listening and attention. We have been really enjoying our Superheroes and Princesses topic. Why (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Spanish
Today Tiger class enjoyed their first Spanish lesson, Mrs Bell was very impressed with the way we greeted her with hola!! We will see her again in two weeks. The Lions are looking forward to their Spanish lesson next Wednesday. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Welcome service
It was wonderful to see everyone who came to the Welcome service at Christchurch this morning. I hope you and your families enjoyed the singing, flag waving, Sunday school as well as the hot dogs and bouncy castle. I know that Reverend Lima and his t (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: First day
We had a wonderful first day with the new Lions and Tigers today. They spent their day exploring the classroom and outdoor area, during the morning there was lots of creative activities and in the afternoon the children enjoyed the mud kitchen and sl (More)
  Please reply to our text to let us know if you are able to join us for the service. Looking forward to seeing you there. Thanks. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Welcome Lions and Tigers
We are looking forward to your first days at school. See you all tomorrow. Mrs Pickering, Miss Lucas, Mrs Roys, Miss Green and Miss Gill. (More)