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Mrs Pickering wrote: Guinea pigs
Yesterday we welcomed two new additions to Lions and Tigers. Yes we have Guinea pigs! We needed to give them names, so we wrote our suggestions on bits of paper and put them in a pot. This morning we took one name from the Tigers pot and the other (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Wormery
The Lions and Tigers have made a wormery, we have observed what happened within in and released the worms today. To make the wormery we needed - a plastic bottle (we used 2 litre ones) scissors (to cut the top of the bottle off) soil sand gr (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Certificates
Well done Ryan, Harrison-Jay, Millie, Oliver, Evie, James, Lewis and Olivia (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote:
These Lions have been working hard reading and spelling to achieve their certificates and move on to the next stage of their learning. Well done (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Attendance certificates
  Impressed with these children who have never had a day off school! Wow well done (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Attendance certificates
Well done to these children who have been at school every day since the Christmas Holidays. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Good Work certificates
Well done to Poppy, Jacob, Keiran, Kaycey, Alex and Mac for working hard and impressing the adults. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Head teachers award
Well done Alfie (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Good work certificates
Well done to Isla R and Erin from Tigers and Daisy, Alfie and Latif in Lions who achieved good work certificates. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Pancakes
As it is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake day we decided to try some pancakes with a choice of chocolate spread, syrup or lemon juice. Some children had theirs plain. There was lots of excitement talking about what they were going to have tonight, why n (More)