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Mrs Pickering wrote: Good Work certificates
Well done to Poppy, Jacob, Keiran, Kaycey, Alex and Mac for working hard and impressing the adults. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Good work certificates
Well done to Isla R and Erin from Tigers and Daisy, Alfie and Latif in Lions who achieved good work certificates. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Pancakes
As it is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake day we decided to try some pancakes with a choice of chocolate spread, syrup or lemon juice. Some children had theirs plain. There was lots of excitement talking about what they were going to have tonight, why n (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: World book day
Lions and Tigers the teachers are having a bit of a problem. This Thursday (2nd March) it is World Book Day and everyone can come to school dressed as their favorite book character. Our problem is none of the adults know what to dress up as, can yo (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Farms
This week we have been reading Lazy Ozzie and talking about farms. Have you ever visited a farm? What do you know about farms? 5 team points for every post. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Good work certificates
Well done to Jared, Charlie B, Olivia and Lucius in tigers who got a good work certificate today. Well done to Mac, Lewis and Charlie V in Lions who got certificates today (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Certificates
Well done to Emily and Pippa who can read all the phase 3 words and Olivia and Charlie who can read all the phase 2 words on their word wheels. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Good work assembly
A huge well done to all the Lions and Tigers for their good work assembly today, unfortunately we were unable to record it but you were wonderful. We had a huge number of adults come to watch, thank you all for joining us. (More)
Mrs Pickering wrote: Certificates
Emily can now spell all the phase 3 words and Charley can read the phase 3 words. Well done to both of you. (More)